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Venus -Test WIP- by CloakedSchemer-VI
Venus -Test WIP-
Miss me? haha
Trying to get my hand used to the tablet (that I havent been using very much). I wont be doing anything complex like coloring as of yet.
So, here is my Test WIP of Venus. I'll be shading her in only with the color im using after i get her lines in. Did this in about an hour or two? Im not sure. At least an hour though, thats for sure.
WHY AM I SO PRODUCTIVE IN THE NIGHT TIME?!?!?! I swear it's gonna take a toll on my sleep habits LOL XDX
Yuna WIP by CloakedSchemer-VI
Yuna WIP
Guys Im not dead i promiseeeee!!!! X3
 and yes, I have been drawing! The 365 Days Drawing Challenge, although Im not uploading, is giving me some form of motivation to draw, especially when I have the free-time to do it! :heart:

I feel like Im drawing Yuna the best in general, especially when I dont really continue fanart lol
I think I just like her Gunner concept too much. Here she is in older drawing photos:

Yuna belongs to Final Fantasy. I, in no way, own this character. Just this drawing lol
Len Got a Nice Butt by CloakedSchemer-VI
Len Got a Nice Butt
It's been a long while since I used MMD ever since I got this Mac computer lol. MMD is on my PC sooooo I think I should try to do research to see if there is MMD on this godforsaken mac.

Other than that, Len got a nice butt. Also, he's showing off his love.
Especially with that pose. (I had to do it).
Plus, the model is cool.

Credits: (Because crediting is cool and all the cool kids do it)
model: that one len module from that one project diva game that shows len in these shorts (i know my modules. begone!)
created by the guy who got hacked by an incredibly intelligent chimp (xdonotenterx)
Rigging by :iconcapozeitor23:
Sega 'cause they created the game
Cryton because they created Ren-Ren.
Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) for some quick photoshop things

by the way, this is in no way related to the 365 day drawing project im doing. I'm being a Slowbro about it LOL
365 DDC: Day 5 (LATE) by CloakedSchemer-VI
365 DDC: Day 5 (LATE)
Day 5: Sleepy (1/13/15)

All the sheepies and ZZZs because I woke up 5 AM that day for school.

I am trying to be simple yet stay a but detailed in a few areas. Expect more late drawings tomorrow! >.<
365 DDC: Day 4 LATE by CloakedSchemer-VI
365 DDC: Day 4 LATE
Uploading my late work, but as long as I am drawing stuff I want and motivate myself to finish, I will not burn out!

Day 4 theme: Stress

Monday (1/12/15) was the day this drawing was supposed to be posted.
I did not have any time to draw because of how late I stayed at school (stayed from 11 AM to 6:40 PM but drive 1 hour both ways to school). I was terrified and stressed with what I had for my classes and changed them around. Still a bit stressed with homework, but not like last week with my hectic schedule! :D
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Anything Vocaloid
  • Playing: Project Diva Gaems
I definitely apologize for not uploading a drawing yesterday and I definitely will not be able to do it for today. All drawings will be transferred over to tomorrow in separate uploads. I was definitely busy with school. One of the reasons being that I was dreading over one class after just being in it once. Literally, if I took that one class for the rest of the semester, I will hate college. That is how much I value my experience lol.

Anyway, I had back-to-back classes today (Monday) and i had to listen in each one. I know! No excuses. But I had to change my schedule as soon as I got home and notify all of the professors whom it affects. Which is like 6 of them (3 former and 3 newer). Writing emails is definitely time consuming.

However, tomorrow will be better and I will definitely have more time to draw and upload things. I promise I will have each drawing up! I just have to survive my 8AM class and not sleep in the 4 hour wait period between my classes. I will have two of them done (3rd and 4th days) and the third(5th day) will be done home and uploaded by whenever I can that same 5th day.

Actually, I did the 3rd day's drawing, but I need to color it with marker (it will not take long)

But after today, I will really try to upload something everyday. However, I want to put effort into my drawings for this challenge. If there are days where I feel like I need more time, I either need to start in advance or actually take the time and upload it late. It may defeat the sole purpose of uploading one drawing piece a day, but it beats just drawing something just to upload it and say "here is my piece. bye."


CloakedSchemer-VI's Profile Picture
About me:

The name is Hana. Some things about me are in this list below:

-I love to Draw
-I LOVE Kingdom Hearts
-I love Final Fantasy
-I watch Anime
-I read some Manga
-I read Doujins and Fanfics
-My policy is that i dont trace but i make an exception to certain parts (like stuff i want to digitze cause im still a noob)
-I'm easily approachable (and easy to become friends with...). However, I can't approach other people (One of my fears is people judging me just by a comment...). So, if you wanna talk to someone, I'm all ears...even if you're a stranger whom i have never talked to on DA...

More about me:

Although I may not do much Kingdom Hearts fanart anymore (I wish I did...), I still look up to Kingdom Hearts. Say what you want: flame me, sue me, whatever! Just know that my original drive for drawing came from this series. If you notice my older submissions in my gallery, you'll know that I had more KH stuff on the last 2 pages or so. I look back to the reference picture drawings I did. Sure, I get embarrassed by how strange my proportions were, but it just shows how much I improved within the last few years. Kingdom Hearts holds a special place in my heart; #1 video game and #1 drive for what I do.

As for when i draw, I compare my old works with today. It either shows how much i have improved or unimproved. It helps a lot. Artists that i look up to are Yoshitaka Amano, Tetsuya Nomura, Walt Disney, and Mark Crilley. My art style varies because of the many styles i want to try out. I am terrible at architecture-type art and city drawing but people is something i can do. I rarely take requests because i don't enjoy doing them. I usually do them for free and then people wind up losing it. So what's the point? My main style of art is traditional. i do try out the once-in-a-while digital but i need practice.

My lovely tools of art list:
-0.7 lead pencil (papermate)
-needy eraser
-Pigment liner
-mars plastic eraser
-colorful pens of any brand
-sketchbooks or copy paper
-graph paper
-colored pencils
-other stuff i dont remember

Unless it's a white lie, I condemn you for an eternity by becoming my slave if you lie to me.

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