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Sweet Tooth WIP by CloakedSchemer-VI
Sweet Tooth WIP
My colored pencil sweet tooth princess WIP.
Anyways, excuse my lack of better quality photograph, except the final version to be better
I apologize for the inactivity.
Too lazy to scan shtuff.
I'm a sack of laziness.
I draw something more or less most days.
So I'm just drawing whatever!
Gunner Yuna by CloakedSchemer-VI
Gunner Yuna
I finally uploaded the finished Yuna Gunner from FFX-2 pen drawing! I finished it like 2 months ago...
Hope you all like it!
I may re-upload a better picture
Venus -Test WIP- by CloakedSchemer-VI
Venus -Test WIP-
Miss me? haha
Trying to get my hand used to the tablet (that I havent been using very much). I wont be doing anything complex like coloring as of yet.
So, here is my Test WIP of Venus. I'll be shading her in only with the color im using after i get her lines in. Did this in about an hour or two? Im not sure. At least an hour though, thats for sure.
WHY AM I SO PRODUCTIVE IN THE NIGHT TIME?!?!?! I swear it's gonna take a toll on my sleep habits LOL XDX
Yuna WIP by CloakedSchemer-VI
Yuna WIP
Guys Im not dead i promiseeeee!!!! X3
 and yes, I have been drawing! The 365 Days Drawing Challenge, although Im not uploading, is giving me some form of motivation to draw, especially when I have the free-time to do it! :heart:

I feel like Im drawing Yuna the best in general, especially when I dont really continue fanart lol
I think I just like her Gunner concept too much. Here she is in older drawing photos:

Yuna belongs to Final Fantasy. I, in no way, own this character. Just this drawing lol
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I definitely apologize for not uploading a drawing yesterday and I definitely will not be able to do it for today. All drawings will be transferred over to tomorrow in separate uploads. I was definitely busy with school. One of the reasons being that I was dreading over one class after just being in it once. Literally, if I took that one class for the rest of the semester, I will hate college. That is how much I value my experience lol.

Anyway, I had back-to-back classes today (Monday) and i had to listen in each one. I know! No excuses. But I had to change my schedule as soon as I got home and notify all of the professors whom it affects. Which is like 6 of them (3 former and 3 newer). Writing emails is definitely time consuming.

However, tomorrow will be better and I will definitely have more time to draw and upload things. I promise I will have each drawing up! I just have to survive my 8AM class and not sleep in the 4 hour wait period between my classes. I will have two of them done (3rd and 4th days) and the third(5th day) will be done home and uploaded by whenever I can that same 5th day.

Actually, I did the 3rd day's drawing, but I need to color it with marker (it will not take long)

But after today, I will really try to upload something everyday. However, I want to put effort into my drawings for this challenge. If there are days where I feel like I need more time, I either need to start in advance or actually take the time and upload it late. It may defeat the sole purpose of uploading one drawing piece a day, but it beats just drawing something just to upload it and say "here is my piece. bye."


CloakedSchemer-VI's Profile Picture
About me:

The name is Hana. Some things about me are in this list below:

-I love to Draw
-I LOVE Kingdom Hearts
-I love Final Fantasy
-I watch Anime
-I read some Manga
-I read Doujins and Fanfics
-My policy is that i dont trace but i make an exception to certain parts (like stuff i want to digitze cause im still a noob)
-I'm easily approachable (and easy to become friends with...). However, I can't approach other people (One of my fears is people judging me just by a comment...). So, if you wanna talk to someone, I'm all ears...even if you're a stranger whom i have never talked to on DA...

More about me:

Although I may not do much Kingdom Hearts fanart anymore (I wish I did...), I still look up to Kingdom Hearts. Say what you want: flame me, sue me, whatever! Just know that my original drive for drawing came from this series. If you notice my older submissions in my gallery, you'll know that I had more KH stuff on the last 2 pages or so. I look back to the reference picture drawings I did. Sure, I get embarrassed by how strange my proportions were, but it just shows how much I improved within the last few years. Kingdom Hearts holds a special place in my heart; #1 video game and #1 drive for what I do.

As for when i draw, I compare my old works with today. It either shows how much i have improved or unimproved. It helps a lot. Artists that i look up to are Yoshitaka Amano, Tetsuya Nomura, Walt Disney, and Mark Crilley. My art style varies because of the many styles i want to try out. I am terrible at architecture-type art and city drawing but people is something i can do. I rarely take requests because i don't enjoy doing them. I usually do them for free and then people wind up losing it. So what's the point? My main style of art is traditional. i do try out the once-in-a-while digital but i need practice.

My lovely tools of art list:
-0.7 lead pencil (papermate)
-needy eraser
-Pigment liner
-mars plastic eraser
-colorful pens of any brand
-sketchbooks or copy paper
-graph paper
-colored pencils
-other stuff i dont remember

Unless it's a white lie, I condemn you for an eternity by becoming my slave if you lie to me.

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